Why does iiko outperform other systems?

iiko is a comprehensive and optimal automation of establishments. That is, it makes no sense to buy several software products for business automation.

iiko provides the entire vertical of management:

  • Financial management accounting.
  • Personnel management: payroll and incentive programs.
  • Video surveillance related to events in the system.
  • Convenience of the interface and high speed of data processing.
  • Management of restaurant chains.
  • Integration of all business processes of the enterprise in real time

iiko is a new generation business automation system. The automation system in a single information space fully manages financial, material and human resources, reducing costs and increasing profits.

More time for guests and business development

Designed specifically for the food and beverage (F&B) industry, iiko is highly customizable and adapts to the complex real-world challenges your business faces. The latest iiko technology is easy to use and meets the unique needs of restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and fast food outlets, allowing you to find new ways to improve, control costs and increase revenue.

iiko is a unified system for managing sales, warehouse, kitchen, delivery, personnel, finances, suppliers, guest loyalty - all processes in a restaurant.

Since all data is processed in a single system, information on revenue, cost price, warehouse balances, as well as financial reports and all employee actions are visible in real time.

Iiko uses artificial intelligence to solve your daily tasks and business planning. Now you will have even more time for guests and business development!

Trusted, Proven, Experienced

Trusted by over 49,000 F&B businesses worldwide, we are redefining what POS can mean to your business and what value you can expect from it. Over the course of several years in UAE we've been delivering restaurant solutions to make businesses thrive and prosper.

We will transform your point of sale to your point of success.


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Do you have questions about iiko? Let's discuss!

You can get advice, clarify prices and order a solution from the specialists of iiko BUSINESS PARTNER AZERBAIJAN. Contact us by phone, e-mail or request a call back.

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