Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

It is no secret that the automation program in the canteen of the enterprise is an important factor. In addition to the inconvenience of performing calculations in Excel or manually, it creates a very large area of activity for various manipulations with goods and money.


Service for employees of enterprises

IikoCard allows you to organize meals for employees of one or several enterprises, and also provides convenient tools for creating individual and group loyalty programs.
  • iikoCard can be used both to automate a single restaurant and for a chain with the ability to consolidate card transactions.


  • You can issue both personalized customer cards and cards without specific personal data (for example, an event visitor card).



  • The guest profile form is flexible, you can add various fields to it and analyze your guest base by any parameters.



  • IikoCard cards can be configured to be used as subscriptions to visit, for example, a fitness club. Subscriptions can be issued for a certain period (for a month, for 3, for six months, for a year) without restrictions on visits or for a certain number of visits.





Providing meals for employees

Enterprises will be able to implement various corporate catering schemes for their employees and company guests: payment by voucher, write-off from the deposit, special discounts and much more.
  • In iikoCard, you can set up limit schemes with restrictions on the maximum amount or number of card payments within a certain period of time.
  • IikoCards can be configured to be used as food stamps. A fixed amount is charged to the dining room guest's account daily, which includes a subsidy and a credit limit. At the end of the day, this account is reset to zero.




Fast, convenient, profitable

Fast service and convenient payment will ensure that there are no queues even during the hottest lunch hours. Is it not just your customers' employees who come to dine with you? Encourage such guests to come more often with individual bonus deposit cards.
  • The guest can receive bonuses for each visit in the form of a percentage of the order amount or the amount paid by the guest card.


  • You can set up the accrual of a fixed number of bonus points for a specific number of visits to the establishment in a certain period.


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