Warehouse, Accounting and Tax Outsourcing

What do we offer?

We offer you assistance in maintaining the following types of records:

Inventory control:

  • Checking the complete list of TTK and nomenclature;
  • Formation of a scheme and plan for the process of warehouse accounting, its implementation;
  • Entering into the system of write-offs, receipts, documents on inventory, transfers;
  • Analysis of inventory results;
  • Preparation of reports: the final cost with a division into articles, a report on surpluses and shortages;
  • Analysis of changes in the cost of each dish, identifying the reasons, providing an appropriate report;
  • Providing a list of invoices with displaying purchase prices that are higher than planned;
  • Monitoring market prices and comparing them with purchase prices;
  • Quarterly field inventory;
  • Analysis of the menu.


  • Development of technical and technological maps;
  • Accounting of restaurant income and expenses;
  • Accounting of returnable funds;
  • Accounting of wages and social charges;
  • Drawing up a working chart of accounts;
  • Consultations of staff members in relation to document management.

Tax accounting

  • Development of the most optimal taxation scheme, taking into account the specifics of your restaurant;
  • Formation of an individual tax calendar
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of tax reports to the supervisory authority.

How and when it helps

  • In case of difficulties in determining the correct cost of meals
  • Uncontrolled growth in the cost of meals;
  • The need for clear control of the costs of writing off products;
  • Tracking changes in purchase prices;
  • Restaurant accounting;
  • Choosing a taxation and reporting scheme
  • Reducing the cost of hiring and maintaining a staff calculator.

What do you get

Contact us for outsourcing of warehouse, accounting and tax accounting based on iiko. We perform all functions of outsourcing restaurant accounting.

You will receive full support from a team of restaurant automation professionals. And the iiko automation system is the most technologically advanced and modern solution for the automation of catering establishments.

We provide comprehensive services, moreover, outsourcing will save you from the need to maintain a full-time employee, spend time checking his competence and reliability.


  • We are always online
  • Cheaper than an employee in the state by an average of 30-40%
  • You pay the organization, not the employee. It is much simpler and cheaper, you do not pay taxes and you can easily take into account the amount spent.
  • The experience of a large company cannot be compared with the experience of a single employee. We know more, every day we face a huge number of problems of completely different institutions and successfully solve them, which gives us a lot of scenarios that have already been passed
  • We guarantee the correctness of accounting
  • We have no personal interest in theft or collusion
  • We will not "quit" as an employee could do, but we do not need a "vacation" or "sick leave"
  • We do not need to be trained, we know our product and use all of its tools 110%.
  • Save on training for employees (no need to pay pension and insurance contributions)
  • Our company not only helps to keep records, but also provides maintenance of the program and equipment, we keep your system in working order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Outsourcing options and prices

Outsource accounting options

With weekly visits to the institution for:

  • Reconciliation and filing of primary documentation in the Commodity report
  • Preparation of technical sheets - print, sign, hem as necessary
  • Study of technical maps - if necessary
  • Intermediate inventories - as needed
  • Discussion of recommendations for improving accounting with decision maker


Without visits to the institution (completely remote maintenance)

This service implies the full management of your document flow:

  • Receipt documents
  • Acts of write-off, transfer
  • Cost calculation and creation of technical maps
  • Formation and analysis of inventory
  • Generation of weekly and summary reports

You, as a Customer, provide us with photos / scans of documents (WhatsApp group), those. cards (recipes of dishes) and receive monthly reports (inventory analysis, recommendations for reducing food cost, overloading warehouses)

We, as the Contractor, enter documents within 24 hours, but, as a rule, within 2 hours; we are online with you; we guarantee independence and correctness of accounting; we make an inventory with an analysis of the possible causes of surpluses and shortages; we close the month with a final report on the work performed

As a result, you will receive

  • An independent specialist whose professionalism you can be sure of
  • Consulting on warehouse accounting issues under the contract
  • Reports that will help evaluate the work of the kitchen and bar, reduce food cost, optimize the menu:
  • Report on the results of the inventory - as a rule, up to 5 working days after the submission of forms with balances;
  • Report on the results of the month - by the 10th day of the month following the reporting period

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