Business audit before implementation


Financial Audit

Operational Audit

Special Audit

Verification of funds, compliance withthe principles and requirements of accounting 00000000 0 0000 00000

Verification of procedures, methods of functioning of the economic system and assessment of the productivity and efficiency of the organization

Verification to draw up an official opinion on the reliability of the information provided to the other party 0000000000 00000000000

When Do You Need a Business Audit?



Optimization of existing accounting systems


Set up business processes of the company


Analyze automation problems

It is required to create an information system that will automate all blocks of management of your enterprise 000000 000000000000 


The company needs to correctly build and formalize all of its business processes 000000 000000 00000 00000


A lot of money, effort and time have already been invested in the automation of the company, but the system does not "take off"


Carry out complex automation


Optimize and minimize costs


You need to optimize the company's budget

It is required to make a decision on the project for the comprehensive automation of all key business processes


It is necessary to minimize the future costs of operating and updating the information system 00000 000000 0000


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