Restaurant Chain Management

Restaurant Chain Management

Restaurant Chain Management

Main Office

Centralized management, uniform policy and standards

Analysis and control of the company's activities based on consolidated management reporting in iiko is available in real time. You will be able to centrally manage the activities of individual establishments and restaurant concepts, maintain uniform policies and standards, implement global marketing programs and much more.
  • iikoChain allows you to centrally manage the organizational structure of any complexity.
  • Plan-fact analysis of key business indicators using iiko will help make the right decisions for business development.
  • A unique mechanism for managing the versions of technical cards allows you to take into account the differences in the composition of the ingredients of the same dishes in different restaurants of the chain, using a single catalog of goods.
  • Automatic time tracking and a flexible motivational unit, combined with reliable control tools, ensure a reduction in personnel costs and strict discipline.


Factory Kitchen

Production and distribution complex of the network

iikoChain consolidates orders for products from restaurants into a single consolidated order, on the basis of which it generates tasks for workshops and shifts, and also calculates the need for products. When all orders are ready, iikoChain helps to carry out the selection and preparation for shipment of the order, as well as generates all the necessary documents for accounting and prints a route sheet for the forwarder.
  • Consolidation of orders from restaurants and formation of a consolidated production order.

  • Automatic generation of a production task with division into shops.
  • For dishes that are intended to be sold in packaging, labels can be printed.

  • Single procurement and inventory management can significantly reduce food cost.


Restaurants of the chain

Guaranteed quality of service

Thanks to iikoChain, guests can always be sure that in any restaurant of your chain, no matter how branched it may be, they will receive the usual high level of service, which means that they will make a choice in your favor.
  • To enter a new dish in the menu, implement a marketing campaign or change prices, it is enough to set up an order to change the menu and the adjustments will take effect at the appointed time in all restaurants of the chain.
  • In the central office, you can create flexible motivation schemes for staff, and employees of the restaurants of the chain see their individual sales plan every day, opening a personal shift.
  • Restaurants order the necessary dishes and semi-finished products at the central production, and when the order is brought to the restaurant, the freight forwarder is already waiting for a full package of documents drawn up by the system.
  • All data on the operation of the restaurants of the chain is available in real time: you can check any receipt, any invoice or watch a video of the authorization of any waiter in the system.


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