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Course name Course description Product

Manager training

Hall manager training iiko
Author control Accompanying the restaurant during start-up iiko
Cashier Training Line staff training: cashier, bartender, waiter, hostess 1C, iiko
Accountant training Accountant-calculator training for warehouse department 1C, iiko
Director training Training of directors, owners, managers for the management department 1C, iiko
Finance training Trainings for the finance department 1C, iiko
Chain training Training for central office and production staff iiko
Delivery training Training of call center staff, delivery managers and delivery couriers iiko
Technichal training iiko installation and setup technical training 1C, iiko
iikoBasic training Line staff training: cashier, bartender, waiter, hostess. iiko warehouse block accountant-calculator training. iiko management block training of directors, owners, managers. iiko
CRM training Training on how to attract customers, discounts, bonuses, promotions, guests. 1C, iiko

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