Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant automation helps you create a transparent and efficient restaurant business. Successful team, satisfied guests and a kitchen that works like clockwork. Now you can focus on the development of the enterprise and not waste time on ordinary issues


The iiko software provides for the implementation of cash payments for retail and public catering through the electronic money system in order to fulfill the requirements established by the legislation provided by The Republic of Azerbaijan

Improve Kitchen Team Efficiency

iiko is easy to use and supports how your team operates. It improves communication by displaying orders and their statuses instantaneously while eliminating paper in the kitchen.

Manual for the Restaurant Owner

Check your restaurant's daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports wherever you are.

Forget support black holes & IT headaches.

iiko’s unique service approach solves customer queries quicker and delivers smarter and better engagement with your team. Our messaging technology creates a seamless connection between iiko and your business to ensure the five-star support you deserve.

Ready Food Delivery Service

Today, food delivery service is available in most cafes, restaurants or canteens. Delivery service automation is needed to make this service more profitable and save time and money.

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Who we are?

iiko Azerbaijan is the official representative of iiko in Azerbaijan. iiko covers all areas of your restaurant, making management convenient, transparent and cost effective. iiko implements a complete management accounting package based on data entered into the system in real time.

What is iiko?

iiko is a new generation catering automation system. The automation system in a single information space fully manages financial, material and human resources, reducing costs and increasing profits. Aiko is a comprehensive and optimal automation of establishments. That is, it makes no sense to buy several software products to automate the restaurant business.

Why us?

"iiko Azerbaijan" operates under a single brand "iiko: BUSINESS PARTNER".

Our specialists have many years of experience working with iiko solutions and know all the intricacies of their implementation and maintenance. We can help you reduce startup and learning times, avoid mistakes, take full advantage of your capabilities and unleash your system's potential through proper initial setup.

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Get advice on your question

Do you have questions about iiko? Let's discuss!

You can get advice, clarify prices and order a solution from the specialists of iiko BUSINESS PARTNER AZERBAIJAN. Contact us by phone, e-mail or request a call back.

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