Restaurant with Table Service

Restaurant with Table Service

Automating restaurants and cafes is a great way to increase the competitiveness of your business and reduce costs. With automation, the sales area, kitchen, warehouse and accounting will be interconnected.

Restaurant Hall

Guests Service

Flexible configuration of hall layouts, table reservation and banquets, courses for serving dishes, convenient work with an order, dividing a check by guests and much more - this is iikoTableService, a professional solution for serving guests at tables. Convenient mobile terminals for entering orders and an electronic menu for guests will help make your restaurant even more hospitable.
  • You can customize the table layout for each room. The color of the table corresponds to the status of the order, which helps to promptly serve guests.
  • iiko shows the time of the next reserve right on the table image and informs the waiters about the special wishes of the guests.


  • iiko allows you to split the check by guests, which is very convenient for subsequent collective payment.
  • To enter orders, you can use mobile terminals based on household devices on iOS or Android platforms, or the professional Orderman solution.


  • The e-menu helps you sell more: put mouth-watering photos of your dishes on the e-menu and orders will spill over to the checkout!




Cooking Management

iiko helps to manage the process of cooking, accounting and serving dishes, documenting each stage of production, as well as exercising control over personnel. Smart technological maps and flexible motivation for all employees of the establishment will allow you to achieve a consistently high quality of your kitchen.
  • iikoSousChef allows you to manage the order queue, making sure that your guests receive their meals on time.
  • All recipe information, including a serving photo, is available on the kitchen screen to ensure consistent quality and ease the training process for new employees.
  • With iikoKitchen, you can record every stage of production and create internal documents right in the kitchen - without washing your hands or changing clothes.
  • Using iikoKitchen, scales and barcode scanner, you can carry out a complete inventory right at the checkout and in less than an hour!





As soon as a check is made at the checkout, the products that make up the ordered dishes are automatically debited from the warehouse, and you can see the current balances and cost price. And vice versa, if you find and correct an error in a document two weeks ago, the program will instantly recalculate the balances in warehouses, adjusting the food cost.
  • A technological map in iiko is information about the method and place of preparation of a dish, its cost price, nutritional value, and much more. If you change the recipe retroactively, then all the balances in the warehouses are instantly recalculated, and the history of changes is saved.
  • iiko automatically calculates the required quantity of each product in the warehouse and generates an order to suppliers for those items whose stock is coming to an end.
  • iiko warns of discrepancies between purchase prices and assortment of goods with the supplier's price list and, if necessary, blocks an overpriced purchase.
  • iiko warns of discrepancies between purchase prices and assortment of goods with the supplier's price list and, if necessary, blocks an overpriced purchase.



iiko not only automatically calculates salaries and motivates employees to work with maximum efficiency, but also helps to establish correct communications between management, staff and guests
  • Scheduling based on the projected revenue allows you to reduce costs and optimize the number of staff in the hall.
  • In iiko, you can set up a personal motivation program for each employee or group of employees, as well as organize a competition among them for the best result.
  • iiko automatically takes into account the working hours of employees, checking the data on attendance with the schedule, as a result, you pay only for the actual hours worked.
  • In his personal report, each employee sees daily information about how much he earned, as well as internal restaurant news: marketing promotions, motivation programs, sales plans and even colleagues' birthdays.
  • iiko keeps an automatic record of all data on the medical records of personnel, controlling the validity of the analyzes of each employee and promptly notifying about the need for the next medical examination


Iiko implements a full contour of management accounting based on data entering the system in real time. A convenient interface for uploading data to 1C will help you always submit the necessary reports on time.
  • iiko provides real-time cash flow control.
  • iiko provides convenient data exchange with external systems, including uploading to 1C.
  • iiko automatically tracks vendors' debts and prompts the due date for each invoice.
  • Convenient mechanism for working with negative balances will save a lot of time.

Restaurant owner

Your office is where your laptop is

Receive any information about the activities of the enterprise in the place and at the time when you need it! Data on all areas of the business is available in real time, you can always quickly assess the real situation and quickly take the necessary measures!
  • Using iiko, you can receive a profit and loss statement based on up-to-date data any time you need it, at the click of just one button.
  • Conduct a plan-fact analysis and plan a budget using convenient tables and visual graphs in iiko. Every ruble - at a glance!
  • In addition to the income statement, there is a balance sheet, cash flow statement and many other pre-configured reports at your service. You can also create your own report form, save and use it at any time.
  • The security log displays all the actions that employees performed during their personal shift. You can find records of specific actions of an employee in a certain time period and watch the corresponding video.
  • The iikoDashboard application for Apple mobile devices allows you to receive operational information about the work of the establishment by a variety of indicators and analyze them using a convenient graphical interface


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