Iiko 7.6 has been released!

It is now even easier to divide the order by guests when calculating

Your waiters are probably already used to the fact that in iiko you can assign dishes to guests not only when accepting an order, but also when checking out. And now most of these tasks can be solved with just a couple of clicks! For example, to transfer a dish, you just need to click on its name. Want to move multiple portions? Click on "quantity". One of the guests only wants to pay for 1/56 of a pizza? Sure, not a problem! You can also split the bill equally between all the guests or some of them with one button. Your employees will be able to quickly and accurately fulfill any wishes of guests, and iiko will accurately calculate any complex combination.

When ordering for self-pickup, the guest will be able to remain incognito

iiko has learned to register an order without customer data. To place an order for self-pickup, guests no longer need to provide their name and phone number, and employees will stop inventing them to serve those who want to remain anonymous.

Mobile inventory is faster and more convenient

Available only for iikoCloud users (Pro and Enterprise plans) *

It used to be difficult to carry out inventory on weak smartphones. We have improved the process and now you can use any device to calculate the balances. In addition, we have optimized some design elements to make it even more convenient for you.

Automatic write-off of unsold products

Available for iikoCloud users only *

In the "Warehouse" section of your cloud office, there is a new convenient tool for eliminating manual labor when writing off unsold products. These are the same auto-write-offs that used to be in the settings section, but now you have much more opportunities to reflect the real processes of the enterprise in this tool. You can configure write-off options for different product categories, you can vary them for individual points, sets and warehouses, and also apply different schedules.


New features of the QR menu and the embedded site

Available for iikoCloud users only *

Hooray! Now your QR menu or delivery site on the iiko platform will take into account the stop list! If there is no dish at the moment, it will be grayed out on the site. You can set the amount of the remainder at which the stop list will be included. For example, if there are only 5 croissants left, then they can no longer be ordered from the site. In addition, the site used to display all dish modifiers, including service ones, and now you can now hide those that the guest does not need. We also added an "update" button to the dish card in the external menu. Now, by pressing this one button, you can apply all the corrections made in the back office.

Access to the kitchen screen can be limited

You can safely forget about the cases when the employees of the hall, voluntarily or involuntarily, interfered with the work of the kitchen, changing the settings of the kitchen screen. We have added a special right to access iikoSousChef. Now, by default, it can be managed by chefs and administrators, and access is closed for the rest. If necessary, such a right can be added to another employee.

It has become more convenient to ship products from the DRC

At the kitchen factory, you can now make a consolidated consignment note for finished products. Previously, iiko was able to print only separate invoices for each order, which made it difficult to control the shipment.

More information on accounting for tips

If you accept and keep track of tips through the checkout counter, good news for you. Information about them can now be printed on receipts, and they are also displayed in the cash register and delivery reports and are recorded in the Event Log.


New form of alcohol declaration

If you use EGAIS, update: this version implements a new form of alcohol declaration, which is mandatory not only for suppliers of strong alcohol, but also for those who sell beer, mead, cider, Poiret and other low-alcohol drinks.

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