iikoDeliveryMan - Mobile application for couriers of ready meals delivery service

📢 iikoDeliveryMan
Mobile application for couriers of ready meals delivery service
iikoDeliveryMan manages the order delivery process from the kitchen to the customer, saving every second of the courier's work. And you can see the whole process online.
- Instant communication with couriers
The courier sees information about the status of the order and can contact the operator.

- Reduced delivery time
iikoDeliveryMan builds the optimal route for the courier automatically.

- Delivery time control
The courier can mark the transfer of the order only at the customer's door.

- Control of the movement of couriers
The call center operator sees the movements of couriers on the map and can call them.

- Attention to customers
Detailed information about the order and the delivery process, taking into account the wishes of customers.

- Delivery service quality control
You can quickly evaluate the performance of couriers on a number of key parameters.

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