Increase your revenue by increasing the number of regular guests

Recruit them into your loyalty program with iikoWallet! This can be done both in the restaurant and outside it: following a link from a check, flyer or advertisement, the guest will go to the registration page on the Internet, confirm the entered data via SMS and receive an electronic card for ApplePay or GooglePay in his phone.

Done: now, in order to accumulate bonuses and pay for their orders, the guest only needs his own phone! He will be able to check into the order instantly by attaching the code on the screen to the reader. And you will receive his data and real phone number and can send him push notifications with personal invitations and information about your promotions.

How to make sure that your offers are definitely interesting to every guest? This is where the built-in RFM analysis comes in handy - it automatically segments your guest base. Offer a referral program to those who go often, and invite those who have not been with you for a long time and promise them their favorite dish as a gift.

iikoWallet and RFM analysis are available to users of the iikoCloud Enterprise tariff. This is a very advantageous offer: separately, such a solution, as a rule, is more expensive. And due to the fact that there will be more regular guests and they will come to you more often, the transition to this tariff will pay off many times over. And this is not all the additional features available in this tariff! Switch to iikoCloud Enterprise and start using it as easy as shelling pears - nothing needs to be reconfigured. Fill out the application - we will connect.

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