Now iiko operates more than 41,000 restaurants in 50 countries around the world

iiko works in 50 countries of the world!

You will laugh, but we have an anniversary again :) Recently, together with our partners, we started working in several new countries and now in 50 different countries you can see restaurants with iiko!

Let's start from afar - from the other side of the world :) In September, iiko first appeared at the box office of Blue Room restaurants in Kenya and South Africa. This is one of the most famous restaurant brands in Kenya - it was founded in 1952! The chain's establishments are famous for their excellent cuisine, where you can find delicacies of various cultures from all over the world. iiko in Blue Room was installed by our partner @_horeca_service, who plans to actively develop in the English-speaking segment of Africa. Zok M Rustamovich, Chairman of the Board of MyHoreca, says that against the background of significant growth and transformation of the restaurant automation market in Africa, iiko has great prospects. He especially noted the possibilities offered to restaurateurs by the automatic management cycle in iiko. In his opinion, this decision will solve the current market problems in the F&B sector.

Another new project is much closer: this is @vafljivaflji in Slovenia. It was opened by our old friends and clients from Krasnodar - a chain of family cafes with a Belgian taste @vaflivafli. All dishes on their unique menu are based on Belgian waffles, they are even found in burgers, which are called "waffle brods" because of this! Co-owner of @vaflivafli Oleg Sotnikov @olegrubbin told us that he had no doubts about which system to install in his first foreign cafe - everyone was already used to doing everything in iiko :) By the way, the online menu for the new establishment was also deployed from iiko - after all this can be done in just a couple of minutes.

The topic of Belgium is not exhausted by this - she also recently joined our friendly team! And we also entered this wonderful country with our old friends - the international chain of bakeries @lepainquotidienbe. We have been working with them for a long time in Russia, Great Britain and France. Now iiko helps to treat delicious pastries to the residents of Brussels, and soon all Belgian establishments, of which there are more than 20, will go to iiko


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